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Aug. 18th, 2004 @ 10:39 am Dressed Up
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
So today I decided to come to work looking fab. I'm wearing a classy knee length black skirt with classic black pumps and a 3/4 sleeve black tee. Its cute. It makes me feel better about myself when I dress up. The only thing I absolutly hate is my friggin hair...and I never used to say that! My hair used to be straight until I started dying it all the time. So now its curly (not nice curly, weird curly) currently, its black. Its my natural hair color but for some reason, my hair wont grow! Its like right at my shoulders and its friggin annoying! I was thinking about coloring it a vivid red, and cutting it in layers with side bangs also adding blonde streaks?

I dunno...but I'm trying to eat better today since Im exercising yet. I had a bowl of corn chex with skim milk and 2 spoons of sugar, a cup of coffee with skim milk and sweet n low and water. Menu for lunch is pasta with marinara sauce...mmmm mmmmm! Dinner is shake n bake chicken and brown rice and salad. Not too bad...right?

I was on the train today and saw my reflection in the window. As I said before, my I'm fine with my body. But the sad feeling I got was not due to the image my body gave off in the reflection, but because I look at myself and I dont recognize myself. My face looks different because of the weight gain and my body is unrecognizable.

Again, Im not downing the look, its just uneasy to me because I dont like feeling like I dont look the same that I used to be...it makes me feel like a different person. But I guess changes come with changes.
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