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Aug. 23rd, 2004 @ 12:23 pm Feeling better...
Current Mood: awake
So I've been seriously PMSING this past week. I've picked so many fights with Sharod and I've been so irritable with everything he does LOL. But, I shouldnt be so hard on him. :-/

After feeling like I should atleast be more active considering the fact that I want to lose weight and being affected by the stupid media and other SKINNY people (not that I wanna be skinny, I just wanna be like I was in HS damnit! A friggin size 10!,
I decided to get my ass off and do something about it.

I got a sears card so I can buy an eliptical for the house...but then I said, no...I think I'd be more motivated to get out and do things. So...I joined Ballys!

Its a pretty penny, which I dont really have these days but I cant wait to start! My plan is to go in the mornings on weekdays and to go once on weekends. Whats great is that Sharod is doing it with me!

We also went food shopping the other day and got lots of brown rice and veggies and lean meats. :)

I plan on tracking my activites and what I eat on my postings...so stay tuned!
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